Hand Remote LED illuminates and appears Normal, but will not operate bed.

1) Is the power cord plugged into a working & grounded electrical outlet?
NOTE: A grounded, electrical surge protection device is recommended.
2) Test outlet by plugging in an appliance you know works properly.

3) Check low amp fuse on the Control Box under bed. Replace Fuse if blown.

None of the Functions on the Adjustable Bed will Operate.

1) Re-Program the hand control (as indicated in the Manual provided with this product, for programming procedures).
2) Unplug the power cord. After 45 seconds, plug in to electrical outlet. This should reset the electronic components.
3) The Home Electrical circuit breaker may have been tripped. Reset circuit breaker if needed.
4) Check surge protection device or electrical outlet to insure working order. Test outlet by plugging in a known working appliance.
5) Check low amp fuse on Control Box under bed. Replace Fuse if blown.

Hand Remote Function Keys will not illuminate.

1) Replace batteries in the hand remote.
2) Check that batteries are installed properly.

Head or foot section Function Key will elevate bed, but will not return to the horizontal (flat) position.

1) Your Bed may be obstructed preventing smooth operation. Remove obstructions from around & under the bed.
2) Check that Head section has clearance from headboard or wall.
3) Headboard may be too close the edge of the mattresses. Verify a 1.5” (38.1mm) to 2” (50.8mm) distance between headboard brackets and mattress. Adjust if required.

Activating Head or Foot Lift Function causes “pulsing” or “stuttering” when operating feature.

1) Check batteries and installation in Hand Remote.
2) Assure that the Function Key is pressed Directly & Firmly.
3) Radio Frequency Interference from other remotes or electronic devices may be affecting normal operation.

Massage Motors seem excessively Loud during operation.

1) Hard surface flooring may cause added vibration. To correct, place carpet pieces or rubber Furniture Cups under each leg or caster of the bed.
2) Elevate the head or foot section a short distance (with the hand control) to realign the lift/lower mechanisms with the bed support platform.
3) Check that the bed is not in direct contact with a wall, nightstand, or other object that may cause vibration or noise.
4) If Adjustable Bed is installed on top of a bed frame, check that the massage motors are not causing bed frame (or bed frame components) to vibrate or rattle.
5) Check that the headboard attachment hardware is tightened firmly (if used).