The Rocking Incline

The Rocking Incline Bed with 3-D Interactive Ssytem
The Rocking Incline
The Rocking Incline

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A Rocking Bed with 3-D Interactive System

“Will Take You on a Magic Carpet Ride” Our newest interactive sleep system in adjustability moves freely with your body adding more enhancements than any other base on the market today. Our unique motion technology will boost your relaxation by combining gentle rocking from head to toe, cradling your body from side to side plus gyroscope motions, creating an exceptional restful night’s sleep.

3-D Interactive Experience “Feel the Thunder…Feel the Rain” Become ONE with Movies, Music & Games with exhilarating surround sound reality and pulsing massage sensations. Our 3D interactive technology will simply blow you away by engaging the user’s sight, sound and touch for an enhanced sleep, TV and music experience.

Available in any combination of the following:

Head to Foot Rocking & Locking Provides relief for those with acid reflux by allowing you to sleep with your head slightly elevated above your stomach

Left to Right Rocking & Locking Creates a hammocking/boat effect. Slight rocking is calming and aids in the relief of ‘vestibular motion disorder’

Figure 8 Motion Creates relief for those with vestibular motion issues providing extreme relaxation

3D Interactive Technology Interactive Sound / Sensory System / Mult-Zone / Vibration Body Sensors / 3D Audio Surround-Sound System / Wireless Media Selection / Hand Remote

Available in TXL and Queen / Modular Design built on a universal frame chassis

Main Features
  • Independent Head Lift

    Adjust your upper body to the perfect position.

  • Independent Foot Lift

    Independently adjust your lower body to your personal comfort preference.

  • Body Massage

    Variable speeds & styles to reduce stress & tension.

  • Lounge Feature

    Expand your relaxation with the ability to lower your legs, reducing lower back pain in a chaise lounge position.

  • Wireless Remote

    A hand control that allows wireless operation of your adjustable base features.